Sunday, November 29, 2009

Kmart/Sears shopping

If you shop at Kmart or Sears, you'll want to go over to and check out this new program they are starting! I never really shopped at Kmart too much before. But, for those of you who didn't already know it, Kmart doubles coupons that are up to $2 in value! They normally do it for a week at a time. You can score a lot of free stuff by doing this! I'll post a pic tomorrow of all the stuff I stocked up on  by getting stuff free or very near free with the double coupons. (And I only started this during the summer!)

Staples deal~~FREE STUFF!

So heres is the deal, $25 free in sharpie products, $25.98 in Duracell batteries and in the end, it will all be free!!
Here is how you do it...

add $25 in sharpie products to your cart at
add 2 of the 20 packs of Duracell batteries ( I am going to do AA & AAA since Christmas is coming!)
now,you'll need to add the coupon code for the sharpies : 96140
If you are not already a Staples Rewards member, you'll want to sign up for this before completing this transaction. You are suppose to get 100% of the price back for your battery purchase ( I believe limit 2 but not positive at this point) back on your rewards in January.
This is over $50 so it will ship free! So, you'll be the $25.98 out of pocket but then in Jan. you'll get it back in rewards!! The code isn't working right at the current time but it may go active at midnight. If not, you can always cal the 800 number and give them your order. Make sure you have the item numbers of what you want to order, your coupon code, and your staples rewards member number!

Cyber Monday Deals

Ok guys, I may have to wait until tomorrow to blog about my savings today. I took pics to show you what all I got. Just have alot of other stuff to do right at the moment. However, I did want to tell you all to go on over to and she's posting cyber Monday deals that are popping up. I will post anything I find that she doesn't mention on hers. So, stay tuned if you are an online shopper! I'll be checking out the online deals starting here in about an hour.

Saturday, November 28, 2009

CVS Shopping

CVS is a great place to shop for deals, esp. with the extra care bucks and $5 off $25 purchases that print at the end of the reciepts!
ok so here is the shopping list:
2-colgate toothbrushes...price is 2.99 each but get $2.00 extra care buck back for each (limit 2) 2-colgate toothpaste...price is 2.88 each but get $2.00 extra care buck back for each (limit 2)
1-Phillips ear buds...6.99 each but get $6.99 care buck back (limit 1)
1- Vaseline infusion lotion...7.99 each but get $7.99 care buck back (limit 1)
So, as you can see, this won't cost me much at all.
Let me tell you how I got PAID to shop at their store!

So this total comes to 26.72
minus the 5/25coupon - 5.00
minus manufact. coupns -3.00
minus extra care buck -5.00
total to be paid will be $13.72 plus tax
I will be using a $25 gift card that I got free to make this purchase
**see below how I scored 2- $25 gift cards free**
So, 13.72 plus tax off my card but with all the extra care bucks, I will be getting $22.98 back. So that is an overage of over $9.00. So, I have just gotten all of the above free, and made a profit of around $9.00 Not too often you get paid to shop. I LOVE doing this!

Ok, now onto the free $25 gift cards. I received a thing in the mail from CVS that had two coupons on it. $25 gift card with a new or transferred prescription. So, when we had two prescriptions to fill, we scored $50 free in gift cards!

Another deal we recently got was the MP3/Video player CVS currently has on sale. Original cost was 39.99. Here is how I snagged this for less:
Sale price 24.99
used a 5/25 coupon -5.00
used some extra care bucks -2.00
17.99 but the deal gets better.... I got another $5 ecb back for this product.
So, I ended up getting it for $12.99 plus tax!!

Friday, November 27, 2009

New Blog

Ok, so I am trying my hand at blogging. I am new to this so please feel free to offer any suggestions you feel will help me. My page will look a bit generic until I get the hang of things.
The purpose of this blog spot is to share deals with others. I will post deals I get or deals that I find on this site with the hopes of helping another save a little money. Today, getting the most for your money is a necessity. I rarely pay full price for anything I buy anymore. I have already added some website links for printing coupons and there are two where you can upload coupons to a card (ex. Kroger card) for additional savings. Look for my next post sometime tomorrow. I will share some of the basics I do to help you start saving.