Monday, December 7, 2009

Toys R Us

Many deals in the Toys R Us circular this week. But the one I wanted to highlight was that ALL video games are buy one get one 50% off. This is a pretty good deal!
Also, if you order online, enter code  HOLIDAYTOYS to save $15 off $100 purchase.


Looks like a lot of good deals in the Walgreens circular this week. Alot of store coupons too! Remember, at Walgreens you can combine a store coupon and a manufacturer coupon. And another tip is, if you do a buy one get on free, you can use two coupons (one for each item) and the total will come off of the one you pay for since the other one is free.

Jasco uniform

Bath and Body Works

Free tote with $25 purchase enter code FREETOTE , also $3 shipping on orders over $50! Dont forget you can save $10 off a $40 purchae with code 1419

Contacting me

I have recieved alot of messages of people following this blog now, alot arent registered followers. I just wanted to give you an email address to reach me if you are one of these people. That email address is: You can email questions, comments or if you want to share your deals you are getting, I will gladly add them to my blog.

Gymboree deal

Just got an email from Gymboree... 25% off everything and free shipping for a limited time only! Also, use coupon code 111F3V9UV080247 to score and additional 15% off! This should make for a good deal! Let me know if you do this and what kiind of deals you get!

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Hooked on phonics deal

Give the gift of learning this holiday season!

Enter Coupon Code "HOP50" at checkout to receive 50% off your purchase and free shipping.

Hurry, offer expires 12/14/09!

More CVS deals

So, I went t CVS today and got close to $50 worth of stuff and they paid me again. Here is how it broke down:
2- crest toothpastes (on sale 2/4.50 but you get back 2.50 ecb so its like getting 2/$2)
2- Pure Amber body washes (on sale 4.99 each but get back 4 ecb each.. so like getting 2/1.98)
1- 4pc spa set (14.99)
1- tranquility water fountain (5.99)
1- tribune star (1.75) (Gotta have my coupons!)
1- Christmas pet elf costume (2.99)

So then I give them my 5/$25 coupon (-5.00)
my $10 extra care buck from last week (-10.00)
and today was friends and family day so Isaved an extra 30 % (Thanks to my SIL- Bonnie!) (-7.20)

my total with taxis 19.86
so I used the remainder of  gift card (-5.28)
and paid $14.58 out of pocket

but I happened to find a tag on the spa set saying it was on sale for 9.99 and $3 ecb back but it was suppose to have been removed last week but they honored it since it was there so, I got back $5 cash and my $3 ecb

meaning... I got back
$13.50 in extra care bucks and $5 in cash.... I only pad out $14.58 so I came out $3.92 ahead!
Did I ever say that I LOVE shopping at CVS?? Got some great filler Christmas gifts and they paid me to shop in thier store again!!

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Free stuff and almost free stuff

So, as I said in the Kmart post, when they double coupons, you can get many things free and some very very inexpensive. Most of the stuff in the pictures below I was able to get free but a few of the things I did have to pay up to $3 for. Got these deals at either at Kmart, Walgreens or CVS. This is a "stash" I have in the bottom of one of my bathroom cabinets. We have used many of the items already but its amazing how it has added up just since the end of summer! Can't wait to do this again starting in January!! For those of you new to couponing, I did want to share that I use a 13 pocket organizer for my coupons, it fits very well in my purse and I always have my coupons on me when I shop. I am considering buying another organizer so I can seperate the receipts for each month and see how much I saved each month and then all together at the end of next year! Anyhow, enjoy the pics! Its really not hard or time consuming once you get the hang of things!

Sunday Deals... Kroger

Kroger didn't have a good sale this week as Thanksgiving fell during this circular but I was able to get all of the following for $21.05 by using coupons (had one for almost everything and some uploaded to my Kroger card) and a gift certificate. My favorite buy was the two HUGE rolls of cookie dough (30oz. each). They were on sale for 2/$5 but I had  $1 off two uploaded to my Kroger card and then $1 off two paper coupon. Making them $1.50 each! Can't beat that!

Sunday Deals... CVS

So, below is what I was able to get at CVS...after coupons (had one for everything except the car magazine) and extra care bucks the cost was $9.74. I paid this with the balance on one of the free $25 gift cards I had. I then got a $10 extra care buck back. Meaning I got all this free with .26 in overage!

Hooked On Phonics sale!

35% Off All Hooked on Phonics Programs and Free Shipping*!

Enter Coupon Code HOP35 At Checkout.

Hurry, offer expires 12/14/09!

Online shopping

I'm sooo excited! I just got my Bath and Body Works shipment in the mail today and there was at thing with TONS of coupon codes included!!

Here are the codes that I was sent: ....$20 off a $100 purchase.. code HOLIDAY09 ....$20 off a $100 or more purchase... code WINTER20 ... 15% off any order... code NBASLAM ... $50 off $300 purchase... code HOLIDAY10 ...15% on any order ... code NHLTRU ... 20% any single item... code DSGHOLIDAY ..$200 save $25, spend $300 save $50, spend $400 save $100... code HOLIDAY ... $10 off $100 purchase... code 10HOLIDAY $25 off a $75 purchase... code 2263 ...$50 off a $125 purchase... code 2586 ... go to to get 20% off $100 order or more ... go to to get 20% off oder of $100 or more $25 off $150 purchase ...go to ...$15 off purchase of $100 or more... go to

Let me know what kind of deals you score! Most of my shopping is already done but I may check out a few of these deals!!

Coupon codes for online shopping

ANYTIME you do online shopping, check out for a code. I have found a code there for every single purchase I have made on a stores website! You could score anything from free shipping to 10%,15% or even 20% off your total. ( These percentages come off sale prices too!!)

Bath and Body Works

Bath and Body Works is offerig $1 shipping today with a $30 purchase! Good way to use those coupon codes and not even have to leave the house for a little Christmas shopping!

$1 shipping code: SHIP1 (this code is valid for today only!)
$10 off a $40 or more purchase code: 1419

Also don't forget about the deal on the Signature Collections! Buy 3, get  free OR Buy 2, get 1 free!

So here would be an example of a good deal:
3-body spray ($12 x3=$36)
2-body spray (FREE)
1-Shimmer body lotion (normaly 6.50 but on sale for 5.00) (need at least a $4 filler to get $40 for the $10 off)
So, this totals $41 +tax
minus $10
Brings it to $31 +tax
shipping charge $1
Total price: $32                                So,you have $66.50 in product and paid $32 plus tax shipped!

Or if you wanted the $10.50 items here is a deal that will work:
4- Signature 10.50 items ( 42.00)
2- Signatue 10.50 items (FREE)
Total is $42.00 plus tax
minus 10.00
Brings the total to 32.00 + tax
shipping $1
Your grand total being $33.00+ tax for $63.00 worth of product!

Hope this helps someone save a little money!