Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Free stuff and almost free stuff

So, as I said in the Kmart post, when they double coupons, you can get many things free and some very very inexpensive. Most of the stuff in the pictures below I was able to get free but a few of the things I did have to pay up to $3 for. Got these deals at either at Kmart, Walgreens or CVS. This is a "stash" I have in the bottom of one of my bathroom cabinets. We have used many of the items already but its amazing how it has added up just since the end of summer! Can't wait to do this again starting in January!! For those of you new to couponing, I did want to share that I use a 13 pocket organizer for my coupons, it fits very well in my purse and I always have my coupons on me when I shop. I am considering buying another organizer so I can seperate the receipts for each month and see how much I saved each month and then all together at the end of next year! Anyhow, enjoy the pics! Its really not hard or time consuming once you get the hang of things!

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