Sunday, December 6, 2009

More CVS deals

So, I went t CVS today and got close to $50 worth of stuff and they paid me again. Here is how it broke down:
2- crest toothpastes (on sale 2/4.50 but you get back 2.50 ecb so its like getting 2/$2)
2- Pure Amber body washes (on sale 4.99 each but get back 4 ecb each.. so like getting 2/1.98)
1- 4pc spa set (14.99)
1- tranquility water fountain (5.99)
1- tribune star (1.75) (Gotta have my coupons!)
1- Christmas pet elf costume (2.99)

So then I give them my 5/$25 coupon (-5.00)
my $10 extra care buck from last week (-10.00)
and today was friends and family day so Isaved an extra 30 % (Thanks to my SIL- Bonnie!) (-7.20)

my total with taxis 19.86
so I used the remainder of  gift card (-5.28)
and paid $14.58 out of pocket

but I happened to find a tag on the spa set saying it was on sale for 9.99 and $3 ecb back but it was suppose to have been removed last week but they honored it since it was there so, I got back $5 cash and my $3 ecb

meaning... I got back
$13.50 in extra care bucks and $5 in cash.... I only pad out $14.58 so I came out $3.92 ahead!
Did I ever say that I LOVE shopping at CVS?? Got some great filler Christmas gifts and they paid me to shop in thier store again!!

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  1. I just wanted to let you know that Menards has some candles on sale for 1.50 with a mail in rebate of 1.50 and 2 pack colgate toothbrushes 3.00 with mail in rebate of 3.00!