Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Bath and Body Works

Bath and Body Works is offerig $1 shipping today with a $30 purchase! Good way to use those coupon codes and not even have to leave the house for a little Christmas shopping!

$1 shipping code: SHIP1 (this code is valid for today only!)
$10 off a $40 or more purchase code: 1419

Also don't forget about the deal on the Signature Collections! Buy 3, get  free OR Buy 2, get 1 free!

So here would be an example of a good deal:
3-body spray ($12 x3=$36)
2-body spray (FREE)
1-Shimmer body lotion (normaly 6.50 but on sale for 5.00) (need at least a $4 filler to get $40 for the $10 off)
So, this totals $41 +tax
minus $10
Brings it to $31 +tax
shipping charge $1
Total price: $32                                So,you have $66.50 in product and paid $32 plus tax shipped!

Or if you wanted the $10.50 items here is a deal that will work:
4- Signature 10.50 items ( 42.00)
2- Signatue 10.50 items (FREE)
Total is $42.00 plus tax
minus 10.00
Brings the total to 32.00 + tax
shipping $1
Your grand total being $33.00+ tax for $63.00 worth of product!

Hope this helps someone save a little money!

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